Their goal was to create a strong online presence by using personal branding and different video formats.
Listings In The City

In this series we will give you more insight in Amsterdam’s different neighbourhoods, the nicest hotspots, various landmarks and everything else there is to do. IWe're really excited to take you on this tour and explore Amsterdam in a different way.

We hope that it will give you a better understanding on how it’s like to live in Amsterdam and really get an idea of which area could be the right fit (for you?) to live in.

LAMP has 10X’d my online social presence with Listings! They create high quality content, come up with great marketing ideas and are able to reach the right target group.

Bas Bakker
Founder Listings

We love the collaboration with LAMP. They know marketing at it’s very best. We are in love with the video content they create for us.

Rutger Markestein
Co-Founder Parker & Williams

LAMP delivers great work and results without having to be involved in the process

Ruud Grol
Founder RockSolid

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